Is Eczema Care Cream really all-natural?

Yes! We carefully source the finest natural ingredients we can get our hands on. All of our eight ingredients are natural, active ingredients. We do not use any fillers, stabilizers, petroleums, steroids, or preservatives.

Where do you source your ingredients from?

We use the highest quality ingredients we can find because we believe your (and our) skin deserves the best. Our ingredients are ethically sourced in the United States, Spain, and Australia.

Does Eczema Care Cream contain nut oils?

No. We realize that a lot of eczema sufferers also have nut allergies. Because of this, we made sure to create our Eczema Care Cream without any nut oils.

Where can I apply Eczema Care Cream? 

You can apply our Eczema Care Cream on any body part that needs a little extra help. We use Eczema Care Cream on our feet, calves, inner thighs, elbows, arms, hands, cheeks, lips, and behind our ears. We suggest testing a little cream on a small patch of skin before applying. Our products are for external use only. 

How can I use Eczema Care Cream?

Rub a dime size amount of Eczema Care Cream on your skin 1-3 times per day. For best results, apply after bathing to lock in moisture. We suggest testing a little cream on a small patch of skin before applying.

Is Eczema Care Cream safe to use on babies?

Yes! A lot of moms see great results by applying Eczema Care Cream on their babies. Because our product is for external use only, it’s important that your baby doesn’t eat it.

What is the shelf life of your Eczema Care Cream? 

Because our products are made with high quality, all-natural ingredients and no preservatives, we do have a shelf life. We recommend using a jar within 24 months of opening it. This can span much longer if you store your Eczema Care Cream at room temperature and out of direct sunlight.

How soon can I expect my order? 

We know the pain of a bad itch. That’s why we ship orders within 1-2 days of receiving them. For US orders, shipping usually takes 3-5 additional days. For international orders, it may take up to 4 weeks for your jar to arrive.

Do you make Eczema Care Cream in the USA?

Yes! We hand make our Eczema Care Cream in small batches in our shop in Columbus, Ohio.


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